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Why Law Enforcement is not Enough

The world of  professional close protection  is a world of highly trained, competent Professionals who are equipped with the requisite skills needed in order to ensure that those in need of protection receive the best possible safety and security without undo intrusion into the normal course of day to day business.

Professional close protection specialists not only provide a safe environment in which to conduct day to day affairs but are specially trained to act as security consultants for special events, safe modes of travel, secure logistics and overall operational safety.

There are several "myths" regarding the world of close protection:

  • Bodyguard is a generic term which does not do justice to authentic close protection specialists or their work;
  • Bouncers work in a bars;
  • Law Enforcement personnel ARE NOT trained for close protection work... by both training and mind set, law enforcement personnel are in the APPREHENSION business... they are not in the PREVENTION business. Law enforcement training and culture is dedicated to apprehending, detaining and bringing to justice those people who commit crimes.  Law enforcement personnel ARE NOT trained to PREVENT attacks, assassinations or other acts of disorder.  Close protection specialists are trained to act PROACTIVELY to threats... law enforcement are trained to act RE-ACTIVELY.

The fact is even if properly trained, there still would not be enough law enforcement personnel to provide the necessary protection for everyone who has a need at every event that requires enhanced safety and security arrangements.  Life is full of day to day risks.  By virtue of your political position, celebrity, wealth and/or your business schedule, these risks are compounded to the point where close protection becomes operationally imperative.

While life is full of risks, knowing that there is no such thing as "Risk Free," close protection professionals can and do every day somewhere in the world make the difference between life and death!

AWPS... because law enforcement is NOT ENOUGH!!

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